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About us

ELLC provides quality care for children aged 2m - 5 years old through low ratios and caring teachers. Guided by the love of Jesus Christ, the Edmonds Lutheran Learning Center (“ELLC”) provides a nurturing, safe, stimulating, and spiritual learning environment where all children and their families are welcome. Our mission is to nurture, support, and develop the "whole child". We focus and encourage the development of each child’s individual creative, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and growth.

We provide home cooked meals, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains and updated menus that follow the USDA food program standards.This Fall we will resume some of our enrichment programs: Story time, Yoga, Science hour, & Gardening. Our other enrichment programs will resume when it is safe to do so.

While Covid definitely took us by surprise, we only needed to close for a brief amount of time. During this time we developed a full pandemic plan to take us through next year. We feel confident this plan will help guide us through all the twists and turns that the next year will bring. We have been reopened since June 1st.

Please note, ELLC will have one early dismissal day a month (3pm pick-up) for deep cleaning of our facility.
Cleaning day will usually occur during the last week of the month.

Our Programs

We provide lower than state ratios and opportunities for hands on, play-based learning experiences. We know that children thrive in structured environments where staff and rules remain consistent and are clearly explained. Our program is in alignment with the Early Achievers Program standards and rules and we started incorporating the High Scope Play based curriculum in Fall of 2020.

Infants (ages 2 - 12 months)

Infant care at ELLC will be individualized and responsive to the needs of each individual child.

We adapt to each infant's individual schedule, though as they get closer to 12 months old, we will begin to help them adjust to the toddler daily schedule.

We allow flexibility according to the child’s level of development. Infants may fall asleep on demand without being woken up and will be allowed to sleep up to 4 hours before being woken. Infants are independent and egocentric (which they should beat this developmental period) and it can take time for infants to adjust to group care.

Parents are asked to provide all of the infants nutrition during their first year. As feeding is very important and personal in the child’s first year, it is important that we follow the family's lead regarding how your child is fed. We will provide information regarding developmental milestones and phases as needed to help you make the best decisions for your child.

It is important to have clear communication regarding your child’s daily and developmental needs. We will utilize the HiMama app to communicate all of this information for you each day.


  • Full-time: $1,785 / month
  • Part-time (4 Days): $1,580 / month
  • Part-time (3 days): $1,375/ month
  • Part-time (2 days): $1,170/ month

Toddlers (ages 12 - 30 months)

During this phase of development, toddlers are guided to learn to be more independent and learn self care, while still being provided with individualized care and responsive teachers

The Toddler Classroom is Shoe Free! This allows our crawling toddlers to not have to worry about what they are touching on the floor.

Toddlers are eased into their Toddler schedule but their needs are always followed. They are allowed to sleep on demand and not be woken up. We also feed our toddler on demand. If they are indicating hunger in between meals we will provide them with a small snack to tide them over until the meal arrives. We will include these extra snacks in their daily record.

It is during this developmental stage that toddlers begin to socialize and begin the early stages of parallel play. They begin to play with the same toys as their friends in the room, but they are still egocentric and this makes it the perfect time to learn how to share.

In this classroom we will focus on social and emotional development.

It is important to have clear communication regarding your child’s daily and developmental needs. We will utilize the HiMama app to communicate all of this information for you each day.


  • Full-time: $1,570 / month
  • Part-time (4 Days): $1,440 / month
  • Part-time (3 days): $1,311/ month
  • Part-time (2 days): $903/ month

Preschool (ages 2.5 - 5 years)

During this developmental stage, children will begin to learn more about their community and world while learning how to socialize with other children in this age group

We will focus on social and emotional skills through a play based High scope curriculum.

The Preschool Classroom will wear slippers provided by the centerINSIDE the Classroom and will change into their Home Shoes to go Outside (Playground/ Walk).

Preschoolers are encouraged to rest for 30 minutes quietly on their cots. If awake and restless after 30 minutes will be allowed up to do quiet table activities

This is a large developmental age span in which we will focus on splitting the classroom into a younger and older group to allow for children time to play with others close to their developmental range.

Our bathrooms are located down the hall and are shared with the church. When multiple children are occupying the bathroom, we place a closed sign on the bathroom and no one else is allowed in.

It is important to have clear communication regarding your child’s daily and developmental needs. We will utilize the HiMama app to communicate all of this information for you each day


  • Full-time: $1,397 / month
  • Part-time (4 Days): $1,268 / month
  • Part-time (3 days): $1,139/ month
  • Part-time (2 days): $773/ month


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